A place for screenwriters that are just getting started -or have been around for a while- and want to improve their skills, connect with other writers and get real, honest feedback.

"Bonnie and Clyde didn't work alone. Thelma and Louise didn't work alone. And they were the best."


Screenwriting can be solitary and without connections or a community in the industry, it might be hard to get feedback and improve the craft. That's why I created this space.

To allow screenwriters of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds access to coaching, resources, feedback, and the opportunity to connect and meet people with similar interests.

The missing piece

When I was in film school, I knew many people with the same interests as me, we were always creating stories and filming them, I had found my people, and I loved it.

As time passed, we all drifted apart and I found myself alone in my screenwriting journey. Living in a city with no film industry and having no connections, it was hard to find support and feedback.

For over a year now, I've been putting together a place that I wish existed back then. A safe place where writers can get together and create a creative, supportive community.

Una comunidad multicultural.

Gran parte de los recuersos están disponibles también en Español. Las llamadas mensuales y los grupos de escritura también se podrán llevar a cabo en Español, si hay suficientes personas suscritas. Siempre lo avisaremos con anticipación. 😉

Opciones para todos.

La membresía es completamente flexible. Si por ejemplo un determinado mes no tenemos llamadas en Español, puedes cambiar de plan y subir al mes siguiente para aprovechar los beneficios.

Is this membership for me?

This is for you if:

*You want to belong to a supportive screenwriting community.

*You need accountability to work on your projects.

*You want to get honest and real feedback.

*You’d like to work with me but want to know me better first.

Ready to join?

Visit my Patreon page to choose your tier and subscribe.

Extra (free) resources for you.

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  • Can I join at any time? Yes, but keep in mind that group feedback is planned in advance and current members will have priority when assigning turns.

  • Can I change tiers? Yes, you can change from one tier to another before the beginning of the month. You need to stay in the same tier for at least a whole month.

  • Who gives the feedback? We have a monthly group coaching call where I select a project, provide feedback, and answer questions. On the writing group calls, feedback is provided by the members.

  • Can I invite other writers? Please! We want this community to grow and inviting other writers is key.

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