What do I need to make a great film?

A good script will knock on doors, a GREAT script will open them.

Script notes

A concise analysis of your script where we focus on key points to improve the overall quality of the screenplay.

Key analysis points:

  1. Structure

  2. Characters

  3. Story

  4. Plot development

  5. Dialogues

Grading Grid.

My Script notes include a Grading grid where I evaluate a total of 9 essential items so that you can prioritize your next rewrite.


The Script Analysis or “Coverage” is an industry standard tool that allows script doctors and consultants to summarize a script’s strengths and opportunities in order to guide the writer through the rewriting process.

It provides detailed feedback on Character Development, Structure, Format, Rhythm, Dialogue and Proofreading as well as the project as a whole and its production viability.

The Script Analysis is also a great tool for producers and directors to quickly evaluate a project, and takes a vital part on whether they accept to read it or not.

Script Analysis

You get an industry standard formatted document collecting extensive feedback that allows you to focus on your script’s opportunities during the rewrite process.

The Analysis can be done as early as the first draft is finished and in as many new versions as you want.

What you’ll get:

- All your material is protected by a non-disclosure agreement that we will sign before starting the process, and you always keep the rights of your script.

The ammo you need to bring it to the next level.

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