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About Me

Hey there! I'm Regine.
Screenwriter, producer and script consultant, and I too have struggled to see my projects thrive.

I've been there. Working hard on a project, circling on ideas that don't land, and stuck in a never-ending writer's block, giving up on great projects after losing the motivation to continue, and I see this every day with my consulting clients. Writing a script is hard, but it doesn't have to be disappointing.

I've found a way to help screenwriters complete their projects and start (or continue) a successful writing career, without burning up or giving up on their passion.

’ve worked hard to learn the craft, improve my technique, understand the rules, and how to bend them. I've created strategies that actually work to accomplish a finished, polished script.

Every day, I offer my knowledge and expertise to help writers be the best they can be.
Let me help you too!

The time has come to take your project out of the drawer

Do you know what Star Wars, Back to the Future and Pulp Fiction have in common?
They were all rejected multiple times by studios and directors that didn't believe in the script.

Imagine that those writers would've given up.
We wouldn't have such amazing films that have become all-time classics!

For a long time I've seen people struggling to finish their projects, going back and forth, spending time and working hard only to give up and bottle them to move to other things.

My method was created through trial and error after helping many writers achieve their goals and finishing many successful projects that were later sold, produced, and awarded.

During these 15 days, I'll guide you through the creative process, offer you tools and resources to learn and take action, and provide you with an energized supporting system to succeed in your screenwriting path.



I've developed a series of key elements that have proven to focus the learning towards the specific goal of finishing the project.

Make real progress

I'll be tracking your progress for the duration of the challenge, allowing you to really move forward and get a kickstart on your script.

Get Support

Screenwriting can be quite solitary, my method includes a support system with professionals and like minded people to help you through the process and get real feedback.

No excuses.
No limits.

With our daily lessons, constant group support and extra resources, you'll be on your way to success. No matter how long you've been working on your project or whether you're just getting started.

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